Material Sourcing

Dali Hippari   - Back view

Dali Hippari- Back view

LIGHTBODY is committed to ethical and environmentally sustainable sourcing of all materials. We honor this commitment in many ways:

-All digitally printed fabric is made in the USA and is certified by the Oeko-Tex standards for environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic textile manufacturing. These standards assure that the printing process utilizes minimal water and that the dyes and pigments will not leach any harmful chemicals into our beautiful waters. You can read more about these standards here.

-All work is artisan hand made here in the USA- we are based out of Denver, CO!

-All dyes used for hand dying are natural plant derived and we are developing relationships with healthy small scale farms producing these plants.

-We are a slow fashion small business so there are no sweat shops and all of our work is released in limited numbers so we only produce what is called for by our customers.

We are always looking for new ways to positively impact our environment and community so stay tuned for more to be added to this page and please feel free contact us if you have any comments or ideas!